Larry Winegard  
      Calling Squares Since 1974

About Larry

My wife Idelma and I started square dancing in 1971. I became interested and started calling in 1974. I went to caller's school in 1975 and again in 1978. Each school was conducted by : Al Brundage (Fla.), Earl Johnson (Conn.) and Jack Lasery (Fla.)

In 1978 I started a club in Elkton called "Valley Squares", which danced until 1982.

In 1983 I was asked to call for the Greene Cloverleafs, of Standardsville, Va.
1986 the "Lords & Ladies" Culpeper, Va. (now Locust Grove, Va.)
1999 the "Grand Squares of Nelson" Afton, Va.
2004 the "Plains Promenaders" Timberville, Va.

At present I call regular for four clubs, plus a club called the "Shenandoah Stars" which dances DBD (Dance By Definition) and Hexagon Squares.

I also instruct Line Dancing. I guest call at other clubs and do special week-ends. I also am invited to call for social, church, and private groups.

I am a member of: American Callers Assoc., VSCA (Virginia State Callers Association), SVCC (Shenandoah Valley Callers Council) and VSRDA (Virginia Square and Round Association).

If you would like to know more about Square Dancing please feel free to e-mail me ( Also check out the following websites.
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Larry Winegard